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Dec 04 2016
07:21:00 PM

Nurses' Notes

When Sickness Strikes: Stay Home

A parent’s decision to keep a child home from school when he or she is sick can sometime be a difficult one.  No parent wants to interrupt their child’s learning, and for some, keeping a child home means missing work or losing pay.  However, if he or she has a serous illness such as the flu, it is important for the child to stay home from school.  By taking this step, parents can help their children get better faster as well as prevent the spread of illness to others.  Flu is a serious illness and symptoms include fever, along with chills, cough, sore throat, headache or muscle aches.  Many people describe it “like being hit by a truck.”  It is a good idea to contact the child’s doctor if he or she has these symptoms.  A good rule of thumb is to keep your child home if he or she has a fever of 100 degrees or higher.  Also, keep your child home until they have been without fever for 24 hours to prevent spreading illness to others.  Flu is spread from person to person through coughing and sneezing. Children are one of the biggest sources of flu spread.  You can keep your family safe by practicing healthy habits.  Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds to help prevent germs from spreading.  Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, because the virus can spread when your hands touch surfaces that are infested with germs.  Sneezing and coughing in your elbow instead of your hands can also prevent the spread of germs. For more information on the flu virus, visit www.cdc.gov/flu  

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